Paruthiveeran Movie


Paruthiveeran Movie

The story is set in a rural area around Madurai. The village is called Parithiyur where Paruthiveeran (literally meaning "the hero of Paruthi") lives with his doting uncle (Saravanan). Paruthi means cotton in Tamil. The village in reality is quite famous for the sun temple in south India.

He is a bully and leads a care-free life. Muthazhagu (Priyamani) loves him more than her life, but he remains unmoved and keeps her at bay. At times he is violent too. When he understands her true love for him and decides to marry her, the feud between the two families comes in the way. Determined as he is to possess her, he warns her against marrying someone of her parents' choice. He even threatens to cut her into pieces. Undeterred by his threats, her parents press ahead with the preparations for her marriage with a man of their choice. Finally they decide to elope together. They are found by her father and they eventually die at the end of the movie.


The film and many of its cast and crew have been awarded or nominated by many associations in India and worldwide for the film. Paruthiveeran was honoured with the "Special Mention" award from the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) at the 58th Berlin International Film Festival.

2008 Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)

2007 National Film Awards (India)

2007 Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema

2006 Tamil Nadu State Film Awards

2007 Filmfare Awards South (India)